Czym jest integracja i kiedy warto ją stworzyć? Devpark
Integration – what is it and when is it worth creating?

There are huge resources of various types of data inside the company. Not only that, they are often scattered on various systems, and their implementation and rewriting take a long time. Exposing employees to costly...

Wdrażanie automatyzacji - jak wygląda ten proces w firmie? Devpark
Automation implementing in the company and what it looks like.

Not only every industry is different - in many ways each company is different. Different companies operating in the same sector differ significantly from each other. Whether it's about the tools they use, the number of...

Usprawnienia firmy przez automatyzację – jak zacząć? DEVPARK
Improvements of activities in the company – how to start?

Many people are interested in enterprise automation, they see its advantages and would like to introduce such improvements to their company, but do not quite know how to do that. If you are one of those people, this text is just for you!

Automation implementation on the example of transport industry company - DEVPARK
Automation implementation on the example of transport industry company

Implementation of enterprise automation on the example of transport industry company. Introducing automation into the company brings many advantages. It allows to optimize work time

Jak zwiększyć wydajność swojej firmy? Poprzez automatyzację! DEVPARK
Efficiency of your company. How to increase it? With automation!

Regardless if you run your own business or you have a full-time job, you have certainly noticed that certain tasks are cyclically repeated . They are neither too demanding nor creative, but they should be regularly performed.

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