Space experience in Bremen – the capital of the space industry!

In November we took part in Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen. We confirmed that the competence and experience of our developers can support the growing and very interesting technologically space industry. We...

Senior programmer and how to recognize them

By the past few years, I had to communicate with many various programmers. Many called themselves senior programmers, but in reality, they weren’t truly at such level. Bellow I will try to explain how you can recognize a really senior programmer.

Laravel Certification – is it important?

Laravel Certification Exam was designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to build websites and Web App’s using it’s Framework. The certification exam is for developers who have a deep understanding of Laravel development and the ability to build apps according to best practices

Development \w Devpark from scratch - based on WiemCoMam
Development \w Devpark from scratch – based on WiemCoMam

WiemCoMam was launched. Below we include interview with a client which shows from the point of view of portal owners how cooperation with Devpark went as well as project’s manager thought.

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