My main area of interest is helping other companies improve the quality of the code they produce.
Without a doubt, it doesn’t matter to me if you are starting from scratch or already have something in development.
I will provide you with tutorials on how to solve problems with your code.

As a result, I can also work with your team as a consultant, project manager or even a lead developer.

Clean Code = Clean Work

Do you feel like your codebase is so hard to understand without the help of some “decryptor”?

Or you changed some small thing in your database and suddenly other “unrelated” parts stopped working as they should? Are you wondering how this is even possible?

To recap, your code needs refactoring because it’s dirty and smelly.

Clean code is a set of principles that help you write clean, decoupled, readable and testable code. It is documented and easy to understand for people who join to work on it.
I like my friend’s phrase that:
my code is good enough if my wife can tell what the code is responsible for“.

Therefore, it takes time to learn how to write such code, but it’s worth it.
Below you will find some of my articles that outline the basics. Go ahead and let me know what you think.

Clean Code = Clean Work

Clean Architecture = Easy to Scale and Maintain

Even if you know how to write clean code, it undeniably doesn’t mean that you will create well-designed software.
How to recognize such a poor design? Well…

  • if your programmers can understand small issues, but it’s hard for them to see the whole picture of business logic
  • when it’s hard to find a piece of code that is responsible for a specific business logic
  • if it’s difficult to understand data flows
  • when it is difficult to deliver changes separately
  • if it takes a long time to introduce a new developer to the project (they produce a lot of bugs)
  • when looking at the directory tree of your system you see more “framework” architecture than business logic of your system

Because of the fact that a well-designed system will be easy to understand and easy to navigate.
When you open your directory tree, you should see the business logic, not the “technology” behind it.

In my opinion, this is the artistic part of the development cycle.
It is closely related to design and programming skills, it requires an understanding of “abstract” thinking, and it is probably the skills that will grow the most in your programming career.

Clean Architecture = Easy to Scale and Maintain

My Name is …

Andrzej, but you can call me Andrew – for sure it wil be easier in english 😉
I’m an Enthusiast of software development based on clean code & clean architecture.

In 2003 I wrote my first line of code in C++ and few years later (at 2005) I started my first job as a programmer.
Till now I learned multiple technologies, worked with hundrets of different people as a programmer, team manager and software designer with multiple companies.

Currently since 2010 I’m working mostly with PHP and it’s framework – I choose Laravel as the main one (I’m Laravel Certified).
But my knowledge goes beyond the websites development.

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