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Enterprise Automation

Implementation of enterprise automation on the example of transport industry company.

Introducing automation into the company brings many advantages – read here. It allows to optimize work time significantly and to focus on the performance of the most important for the company’s operations activities. What can automation do in the transport industry and what exactly can we automate here?

The transport industry is quite specific and obviously requires individual adjustment of all automation solutions. However, there are many areas for which functional automation can be introduced.

An audit is a key to success

The full-scale implementation of the mechanism obviously requires prior verification – what can be done in the context of automation and what benefits it will bring to the company. Then, after examining the needs and possibilities, you can go on to create an advanced mechanism tailored to the needs of a specific company. In this text, we will pay attention to the individual, potentially automatable processes.

The transport industry can potentially face many crises that can be prevented by properly implemented automation. The risk factors include the simultaneous service of many units, meticulous monitoring of key dates, and any tripping on these issues may convert into delays and large financial losses. How can automating particular fields avoid this?

Reminding about key terms

The key to operating in this industry are deadlines and meticulous compliance. You should regularly insure all vehicles from the fleet, take care of their inspection in a timely manner, and also check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher or the assumed date of replacement of other parts. All such reminders are very often stored in a paper calendar or on sticky notes. In short words  – these are not permanent carriers, but rather those from the easy-to-lose series. After the implementation of automation, this mechanism reminds you when a specific vehicle should be inspected. It may even remind you of the need to set such a deadline. Setting individual alerts makes this kind of issues even easier and allows for better planning, e.g., two weeks in advance.

Each industry deals with documents and it is no different in the transport industry. Thanks to automation, documents will be digitized and stored as meticulously ordered data. Individual data fields (eg company name) will be recognized by the system without problems and assigned to the rest of the documents related to a particular client. It makes it easy to sort and view all documents. At the same time, the system can also help in the management of paper versions – for example, a shelf number can be assigned to each document, on which the originals of the digitized counterparts are located.

Drivers work will be easier.

The introduction of automation mechanisms also significantly simplifies the drivers work. they can report the most important needs and conclusions using the program. Managing them through CRM affects the quality of query service – the driver sees the status and added comments.

Setting up the task priorities

Automation also allows for the introduction of specific markings for individual tasks for prioritization purposes. One click can change the status of the validity of selected activities. Often trivial subjects can be rescheduled for later, but the task marked with a red color will be a priority and will require an immediate check. Thanks to automation, we can see these urgent matters at a glance.

Automation in the transport industry can also be related to the minimization of mistakes, which are often very expensive. A well-optimized mechanism, adapted to the requirements and processes of the company, means basically zero errors. Everything is a matter of configuration, but ultimately it is a very strong progression – it reduces even the need for employees. Are you interested in such a solution? Contact us to arrange details and talk about specific functionalities which can greatly facilitate your company’s work!