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Laravel Certification – is it important?

Sometimes the business strategy of our clients can’t be fulfilled with CMS or eCommerce plaforms such as WordPress/Magento (or any other) range of features.

In these cases, it is often more efficient and cost effective to build a dedicated system. We are using Laravel as a base for that.

Laravel is a PHP framework that allows us to rapidly build bespoke websites.

We use Laravel for any project that needs a fully tailored solution and where he pass the technical requirements.
Laraver comes with various tools to improve a developer’s ability to complete common tasks, so that programmers can be more effective and focus on the important things of the app. We have a number of projects under our belt, from REST based APIs, to websites with integrated systems.

Currently Laravel is the most used PHP framework over other PHP frameworks because of it’s renowned stability, excellent documentation, and great learning resources (thanks to Laracasts) and hudge community.

Announced first at 2017, the Laravel Certification Exam was designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to build websites and Web App’s using it’s Framework. We would recommend the exam to any developer or agency who works with Laravel.

The certification exam is for developers who have a deep understanding of Laravel development and the ability to build apps according to best practices.

We believe that it give customers greater confidence that they’re working with industry experts and it’s an excellent way to validate our employee’s technical ability.

There are no study guides or example questions, there was very little known about the certification exam itself. So to pass the exam we had to study, hard. Not only by building real apps – we need to know the whole framework documentation and can’t miss any part of it.(to know all of available, build in features).

The added benefit of the certification process is it’s a great tool for learning. It allowed us to look at Laravel in a wider overview and learn new parts of the framework we can apply to projects.

If you have an existing Laravel project, or a new project you’d like to discuss, get in contact with us by email or chat available on our website.