Jak zwiększyć wydajność swojej firmy? Poprzez automatyzację! DEVPARK
Efficiency of your company. How to increase it? With automation!

Regardless if you run your own business or you have a full-time job, you have certainly noticed that certain tasks are cyclically repeated . They are neither too demanding nor creative, but they should be regularly performed.

Laravel Custom Collection - DevPark
Laravel Custom Collection

Many times we use to write the code without using the latest possible features which our language or framework provides. In this article I would like to present how we can use a power of Laravel Custom Collection for type hinting problem. All I need to do is add newColletion method to my Model class (actually override it)…

Testing Software - Integration, Unit and Smoke Tests
Software Testing – Integration, Unit and Smoke Tests

Nowadays testing became internal part of every application. There are many aspects which should include tests. As an example – we as developers, are responsible to take care how our software is crated. There are two main approaches to test application…

Laravel Certification – is it important?

Laravel Certification Exam was designed to validate the skills and knowledge needed to build websites and Web App’s using it’s Framework. The certification exam is for developers who have a deep understanding of Laravel development and the ability to build apps according to best practices

Hardcoded constraints and how to avoid them

Have you noticed that someone used n instead of m now? This is not a crucial part of system such bug could cause serious problems in application business logic and it might be found after a few days, weeks or months. Solution is quite simple, just check this article.

Code before deployment and what you should check.

No matter whether you create application for your own or you work in a team, no matter you work on a small project or a big one – you should always care about your code quality.

What was changed in PHP 7.2 DEVPARK
PHP 7.2 – What was changed?

PHP 7.1 was released 9 months ago so it’s time to look at upcoming PHP 7.2 release. At the moment of writing this article PHP 7.2 is in Beta 3 version. Looking at releases of previous versions and release plan for PHP 7.2 I think we should expect the final release until the end of year, probably at the beginning of December 2017.

Changes in upcoming Laravel 5.5 LTS release

Laravel 5.5 will be next LTS release after Laravel 5.1 LTS. We should expect it until end of August 2017 probably around 28th (Laracon EU). But what should we expect exactly comparing to Laravel 5.4? One of bigger changes is initial requirement.

Automatyzacja i proces developmentu
Development process and automatization

Currently the development process is not only related with coding. Nowadays is related with many other fields like: testing processes, staging and production server updates, taking care of application security, teamwork, project progress monitoring, contact with the customer and others.

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